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J aka The Alchemist



-Studied  NASM

-Studied NSCA


-9 years of Personal Training

-Former football athlete

-1 year under Head Coach Reggie's Powerlifting Program


-Strength & Conditioning

-Weight loss

-Beginner lifters

-1on1 training

Fun Fact

I love Dragon ball and the Las Vegas Raiders!

Personal Mission

My mission is to improve myself and everyone else by 1% everyday. To ignite their souls to live out their passions. I'm here to impact billions of lives for the better. I'm obsessed with growth and becoming the strongest in the world and having only the best athletes in the world as well. Focused on building the brand into a premier franchise and best gym in history. Showcasing the talents of our team, competitive athletes and members.


I wasn't suppose to be here. Almost choked to death at birth by umbilical cord wrapped around my neck over 12 hours. Bullied throughout childhood. Doubted throughout life. Depressed after graduation and wanted to end everything. With everything we go through, I realized that we're here to serve one another and live out our visions and create the life we deserve. I've helped countless of nurses, teachers, businessmen, students, athletes, officers and many other professionals to get to their goals and continuously evolve. Partnered up with my brother Carlo in 2016. Went from the garage to the storage unit to the top training facility in the city. With the best community to train in. We're here to empower one another.

Smash Iron. Smash goals. Smash life.

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