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Hello! and Welcome! I started my fitness journey a few years back now. I was always into sports growing up playing football and wrestled in high school, even took on volleyball for the spring. So I have always been active. But once I got out of high school things changed and I wasnt as active any more. I still weight lifted but I was never consistent and I gained 60 pounds and completely lost myself. But in front of the mirror I looked "fine", I didnt have a problem with my weight and how I looked because I just embraced it. It wasnt until, I started working at GNC and my girlfriend broke up with me when I just decided I'm not going to stop and I havent looked back since. I had the craziest transformation, and everybody was in shock! How did you do it?! What did you do?! I was gaining attention. I started out with diet plans for people, then i asked my self , "to be fufilled in this life you have to give back, how can I give back to the people?... " and right there and then I decided I am going to pursue Personal Training and help people get to a better lifestyle, eat better, and feel better. After that everything is history. I have changed so many lives and this is just the beginning. I focus on functionality, and strength. I want to make you strong and to help you live a better day by day life feeling and looking great. So come and JOIN ME AND JOIN THE STRONG!

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